League full carbon e-foil

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This Electric Hydrofoil is entirely made of carbon fiber, to guarantee greater efficency in accelleration and lower consumption. The new lighter design and the 58v-35ah lithium ion battery allow it to reach a max speed of 25kn and duration about 60min.
Easy to use with the wireless remote control you can manouver comfortably and adjust the accelleration according to your needs. From the control display you can view the remaining battery life and more useful info for your safe use.


Ade Industries logo on both sides and on top
Charging time battery 2h-30min Battery weight 13 kg
Board size cm 167x70x12 Wing size cm2 2200 complete set -cm2 1500 front wing

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 167 × 70 × 12 cm

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